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Life After Fossil Fuels: A Reality Check on Alternative Energy

by Alice Friedemann

Bright Green Lies

by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith,

and Max Wilbert

Green Illusions

by Ozzie Zehner

Carbon Civilization

by Joshua Floyd and Sam Alexander

When Trucks Stop Running

by Alice J. Friedemann

An Electronic Silent Spring

by Katie Singer

Sacred Economics

by Charles Eisenstein


Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

by Dr. Albert Bartlett

Think Resilience

by Post Carbon Institute

Sacred Economics

by Ian MacKenzie

A Gathering of the Tribe

by Charles Eisenstein, Jon Hopkins, and Aubrey Marcus 

Who Would Survive the Collapse of Civilization

by Graham Hancock and After Skool

New Discoveries That Completely Alter Human History

by UnchartedX and After Skool

The Neuroscience of Spirituality

Lisa Miller on the Rich Roll Podcast

The Entropic Brain and REBUS

by Manesh Girn, aka The Psychedelic Scientist

What Maine Can Teach

by Lawrence Lessig of Equal Citizens

The Strategy to End Corruption

by RepresentUs


Planet of the Humans

by Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner,

and Michael Moore 

Bright Green Lies

by Julia Barnes


The Dark Side of Green Energies

by Jean-Louis Pérez and Guillaume Pitron

Growth Busters: Hooked on Growth

by Dave Gardner

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