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We're excited to host a Global Consciousness Project 2.0 random number generator.

What is the global consciousness

project 2.0?

GCP 2.0 is a newly envisioned and expanded version of the original GCP, a global network of physical electronic devices that detect and quantify important aspects of human consciousness (i.e., attention and emotions).


GCP 2.0 is developed and maintained by the donor-funded HeartMath Institute, a non-profit research and education organization in collaboration with scientists and engineers from around the world.

Is there a “global consciousness,” and does it affect the external world of matter? If we can scientifically demonstrate that a collective consciousness impacts our experience of reality in meaningful and material ways, will humanity intentionally use this knowledge to create a better world for all?


We believe we are at a point in the evolutionary history of human consciousness in which humanity has an opportunity to embrace the fundamental energetic interconnectivity inherent in the universe.


We, along with others, believe that every individual contributes to a global consciousness field environment, and each person’s attitudes, intentions and emotional experiences affect the collective field.


By providing new scientific evidence of this fundamental interconnection, we all can help heal the separation that underlies challenges humanity is now facing.

What is a random number generator?


GCP 2.0 draws on a global network of next-generation random number generators (RNGs), physical electronic devices hosted by citizen scientists across the globe that detect and quantify important aspects of human consciousness.


RNGs can be thought of as electronic coin flippers, continuously generating either Heads or Tails. Over time, we typically find that an almost even 50/50 split between Heads and Tails is generated, as you would expect. However, this is not the case when groups of people share a collective attention or emotion, like when they are all focused on a global meditation or a terrorist event. In these instances, RNGs in different locations share a similar leaning towards more Heads than Tails, or vice versa. We are thus able to collect and correlate data from all of the RNGs to test hypotheses about how collective consciousness impacts the material world.

GCP 2.0's hypothesis is that there will be structure in what should be random data associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts. Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.

For more on the technology and science, see the website's GCP 2.0 Network tab.

Heartfelt thanks to Wayne Wakeland, Professor Emeritus and former Department Chair of the Portland State University Systems Science program, for providing the funding to make this happen.

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