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The PallasCeres Report is our version of the many 'energy transition plans' intended to aid the societal shift to '100% renewable energy.'


This roadmap combines the best of previously published material, much expanded upon, with new messaging on metaphysics, toxicity, and monetary reform. Augmented by our Take Action and Resources pages, it's a great all-in-one resource for everything REALgnd, containing an extensive yet concise exploration of the problématique followed by detailed policy recommendations.


Designed in its entirety for governments and politicians, it's also a valuable resource for anyone interested in energy and building the new world.

Colorful and graphic, the report is available as print and electronic book. The $30 print version is great for tangibility and easy navigation while the $6.99 electronic version is great for accessing hyperlinks. Since we're entirely independent with no institutional support, we appreciate your nominal contribution in exchange for this comprehensive offering.




The Green New Deal has become the global emblem for combatting climate change and averting planetary disaster. But it couldn’t be more wrong in its characterization of the problem and prescription for what to do about it. Masquerading as the pinnacle of liberal progress, it would lead us down a path just a destructive as the one we’re already on.


This comprehensive report—at once analytical, philosophical, political, and an accessible, heartfelt call to action—maps an alternative to the scores of energy transition plans drunk on illusory ‘tweakerism’ and political correctness. Grounded in sober ecology and metaphysics, it outlines what would actually be required to wean society off fossil fuels, avert catastrophic collapse, and claim a sustainable path worthy of dignified human beings.


This is unlike any other book or commentary on the Green New Deal. It is not a Marxist critique that presumes socialist techno-industrial society to be more sustainable than capitalist techno-industrial society. It does not outline the litany of problems with “renewables” only to conclude that they're still better than fossil fuels. It is not a vague call for ‘degrowth’ accompanied by a ‘circular economy.’ Nor does it champion elusive rhetoric about free energy that would simply continue to power our destructive system. It's a giant leap outside the box, detailing why soulless modern civilization is unsustainable and how an entirely new way of being can be born at this pivotal time.

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