Executive Director

Megan Seibert

Megan is a systems thinker who started REALgnd Project in response to the overwhelmingly short-sighted rhetoric about energy and sustainability, filling a need for sober analysis and bold truth-telling.


Raised in Michigan and now residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Megan’s gypsy life has been defined by the transformative tension of opposites. She was raised in a conservative military family yet was deeply influenced by her distant environmentally and progressively oriented relatives. Her eclectic professional path includes horse packing in the wildernesses of Montana and Wyoming, running a small business, and working in the Forest Service and defense sectors. She has an M.S. in Systems Science/Environmental Management from Portland State University and a dual engineering and international studies B.S. from the U.S. Air Force Academy. She bridges the physical and spiritual, the rational and intuitive; is analytical yet artistic, irreverent yet sensitive, skeptical yet hopeful. The influence of a decade-long yoga practice combined with studying Eastern philosophies while writing her master’s thesis propelled her to begin exploring teacher plants, astrology, shamanism, and animism. These diverse - even seemingly contradictory - experiences and sensibilities have led quite naturally to REALgnd Project. As a Myers-Briggs INFJ, she is deeply fulfilled by being involved in this meaningful work.

Board of Directors

Dr. William Rees

Karin Kuhlemann

Population ethicist, attorney, and PhD candidate at University College London

Dr. Paul Sutton

Professor at University of Denver

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