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Invitation for Group Peace Visualization

No doubt many of you have been reeling just as much as I have in recent weeks over the genocide unfolding before our eyes in Gaza. The horror is almost beyond comprehension, and the feeling of helplessness in the face of it is excruciating. Beyond a basic human impulse to respond to something like this, it goes without saying that sustainability is impossible in the presence of war, destruction, and dominion. But we’re not helpless, as much as it may feel that way. REALgnd is doing what it can to connect with and amplify brave, ethical voices in the international political arena. There’s some amount of progress on that front, and I’ll certainly share more if anything concrete unfolds. I applaud all the courageous souls who have stood up and taken action in various ways. And I hope such action extends to people inside government who are willing to take the reins from the deeply deranged souls enabling this massacre and say ‘no more, not on my watch.’ Additionally, REALgnd is piggybacking on and amplifying an invitation for a group peace visualization by our brothers and sisters at L/L Research. They have invited their followers to participate in this meditation every day from Friday, November 3, through Saturday, November 11, and are happy to have any of REALgnd’s followers, who feel drawn, to participate as well. Here’s the invitation and suggested, though not required, format:

We encourage you, ask you, to join us in on a ten-day program of a daily prayer for peace.

From Friday, 11/3 through Saturday, 11/11, you will need 10 minutes per day where you can set everything aside.

This prayer may take any form that is conducive to you, but if you wish to link hearts in our improvised modality, we invite you to participate in the following format:

1. Clear your exterior space, with love.

2. Clear your interior space, with love.

3. Enter the present moment and abide in the sacred silence for five minutes. 

4. At the end of the silence, invoke the help of the Higher Self and Guidance/Support System. Ask for its energy for the purpose of service to others.

5. Perceive, then, the suffering in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank—whether soldier or civilian, perpetrator or victim. Ask that LOVE may ease suffering and heal hearts.

6. Perceive, then, the widespread enmity and the desire for war and violence. Ask that LIGHT may illuminate the path out of separation and into unity.

7. Focused, rest in this vision.

8. Linked with many others performing this same exercise, expand that loving, light-filled energy so that it wraps around the globe, healing and lightening the heavy vibration. Ask that all who have hearts to hear be awakened from the fever dream of war into a vision of peace among people.

9. Focused, rest in this vision.

10. Release the exercise in praise and thanksgiving to the infinite creation of all that is. See the perfection that ever was and always will be. Rest in love for all beings. We will aim to perform this exercise at noon each day in our local time zones for ten days. If you can make that time, that is wonderful, but at whatever time and for however many days you are able, on a daily basis, simply intend to link together with us and everyone else in a communal circle of positively-oriented beings in service to infinite creation. Our hearts shall then be forged together, as one, in this powerful exercise.


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