Though the final phase of the research will entail extensive outreach to get the planning product into the hands of communities, politicians, and academia, the urgency of our situation demands raising awareness about the central message of REALgnd Project as soon possible.


Collective paradigms and mental models take time to change. With the increasing momentum our collectively misguided thinking is gaining, the time is now to inject sobriety into the public sphere. We urgently need to re-orient towards ecologically grounded thinking that can inform truly radical action.

To this end, REALgnd Project aims to seek endorsements,  communicate through various media, and connect with politicians, everyday people, and academia.


Richard Heinberg

Senior Fellow-in-Residence at

Post Carbon Institute

Alice Friedemann

Founder of energyskeptic.com / Author of When Trucks Stop Running 

Dave Gardner

Executive Director of World Population Balance / President of Growth Busters

Dr. Steve Keen

Creating a realistic economics for a post-crash world / Honorary Professor at Kingston University London

Dr. Karen Shragg

Dr. David Holmgren

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri

Psychotherapist and systems thinker

Dr. George Mobus

people's endorsements


Vero Beach FL

Diga Kern

Pahoa, HI

Lorna Salzman

East Quogue NY

Sarah Bexell

Denver, Colorado, USA

Leon Kolankiewicz

State College, Pennsylvania

Martin Tye

Broulee, Australia

Jason G. Brent

Las Vegas NV


"Global Overshoot" Letter to the Editor by people's endorser Lorna Salzman

in The East Hampton Star

Population, the Great Knee-Jerker: A Holistic Survey and Plea to Reduce Suffering

in Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB)

Review of

Planet of the Humans

in Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB)

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